Construction Begins Soon on Warburton Mountain Bike Destination

We’re excited to announce that construction on Stage 1 of the Warburton Mountain Bike Destination will start in mid-June. After years of meticulous planning and rigorous environmental and social impact evaluations, we have secured all necessary approvals, marking a major milestone for the project.

This project, in the works since 2013, promises a unique recreational experience while staying true to our commitment to environmental and community stewardship. Supported by State, Federal, and Community Bank funding, the project will be delivered by World Trail, known for their exceptional trail-building expertise.

Stage 1 will bring over 100 kilometers of new and upgraded trails, with the first trails set to open to the public in early 2025. We’ve also secured an endorsed Emergency Management Plan, ensuring the safety and well-being of trail users and the community.

As we begin construction, we remain dedicated to balancing the needs of our local environment and community. This project is set to boost the local economy while preserving the natural beauty of Warburton and its surrounds. Thank you for your continued support as we bring this vision to life.