Northern Loop Trail Feedback

During October 2022, Council informed the local community of two proposed trail routes for a section of the Yarra Valley Trail (YVT) Northern Loop. We sought feedback on the trail options and encouraged involvement and collaboration with Council officers.

Community engagement included letters and flyer to all adjacent landowners, a Ride Yarra Ranges update and a Yarra Glen Community drop-in session with Council officers and local Ward councillor on 29 October.

Following consultation, 52 responses were received with 25 people attending the community drop-in session. Councillors have considered the pros and cons of each option, reviewed community feedback and have decided to proceed with Option Two: Steels Creek Trail/Gulf Road alignment with amendments to address biosecurity and privacy concerns.

Several concerns raised by Gulf Road landowners relate to the side of the road the trail is located.  The trail is proposed to be located on the north side of Gulf Road east of Steels Creek Road. In addition, the proposal locates the trail between Smedley Lane and Steels Creek on the southern side of Gulf Road.

Next steps

The next steps will be to work on detailed design of the trail along Gulf Road roadside verge. Safe and accessible crossing points along Gulf Road will be identified, having respect for safe road crossing, major drainage lines and remnant vegetation.