Warburton Mountain Bike Destination FAQ2024-06-26T14:35:48+00:00

WMBD Frequently Asked Questions


What is the timeline for construction on the trails?2024-06-25T17:23:23+00:00

Stage 1 is anticipated to commence July 2024. Stage 1 construction will take approximately two years and involve the construction of 100km of trails.

Who is responsible for the construction of the trails?2024-06-25T17:23:53+00:00

World Trail has been appointed as the trail construction company and brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise in creating world-class and environmentally sensitive mountain bike trails.

How can residents provide feedback or express concerns about the project?2024-06-25T17:24:56+00:00

All questions should be directed to Yarra Ranges Council on 1300 368 333 or Warburton.mtb@yarraranges.vic.gov.au


What are the stages of construction and their timelines?2024-06-26T10:02:36+00:00

What new infrastructure is included in the project?2024-06-26T10:06:53+00:00

The Southern network features approximately 123km of trail across 57 trails. Two trail heads, one at Wesburn Park and another at Mt Tugwell are planned as part of the project where riders can be picked up or dropped off by shuttle bus services, park and use bathroom and bike wash facilities.

Will existing walking tracks be closed to become mountain bike trails?2024-06-26T10:07:48+00:00

No walking tracks are to be closed, and no existing walking tracks are to be converted for mountain bike use.

How has the potential impacts of the project been considered and addressed?2024-06-26T10:14:12+00:00

Protecting the area’s significant natural and cultural environment and minimising potential impacts is central to the project’s development. Council has undertaken a comprehensive and transparent planning, consultation, and approvals process for the project, through an Environment Effects Statement (EES).


Who will manage and maintain the trails?2024-06-26T13:35:30+00:00

During the initial phases of operation, Yarra Ranges Council will likely manage maintenance and operations.

Council is developing a plan for the the long-term operating model for the destination.

How will shuttling be managed?2024-06-26T13:36:05+00:00

The trail network has been designed as a ride-in, ride-out experience from Warburton and Wesburn, but shuttle bus operations are also included to deliver riders and their bikes to the Mount Tugwell summit.

How would the project work with emergency services?2024-06-26T14:01:10+00:00

Council has developed an Emergency Management Plan in collaboration with emergency services and stakeholders to keep riders safe and respond to emergency incidents quickly.

What would happen on days of total fire ban?2024-06-26T14:21:52+00:00

Trails will be closed on total fire ban days.

How will the project impact on traffic congestion and parking?2024-06-26T14:22:40+00:00

Yarra Ranges Council are preparing an operational traffic and parking plan to manage traffic and parking, which will be completed prior to trails opening.

How would the Warburton Mountain Bike Destination benefit the community?2024-06-26T14:23:27+00:00

The aim of the Warburton Mountain Bike Destination is to deliver a range of positive opportunities for the region, by facilitating tourism and associated economic and jobs growth and enhancing the health and wellbeing of the community.

Anticipated benefits include:

  • The revitalisation of Warburton, encouraging new business, attracting visitors and boosting local tourism
  • Health and wellbeing benefits
  • New recreational opportunities for residents and visitors of all ages
  • Increased tourism in the area, offering family-friendly experiences that leverage the destination and put Warburton on the map.
  • Increased economic activity and job opportunities.

 Facts and figures

Southern Trail Network2024-06-26T14:37:04+00:00
  • Network length: 123km
  • Number of trails: 57
  • Jobs created (by 2031): 134
  • Annual visitors (by 2031): 140,000
  • Regional spend (by 2031): $28 million
  • Overnight visitors (by 2031): 54,000
  • 2 trail heads: Wesburn Park, Mount Tugwell
  • 1 major bridge: Old Warburton Rd
  • 17 small bridges to protect waterways
  • 35 sections of boardwalk
  • Average trail width: 2.3m
  • Existing MTB trails to be merged into network: 11km
  • Existing vehicle track merged into network: 2km