Group of three mountain bikers riding up Hey Hey My My trail in the forest at Wesburn

Warburton MTB Destination project update

Following on from community consultation and funding announcements for the project, the project team are progressing to more detailed planning to inform the master plan.

Parking, pedestrian and traffic study

SALT 3 has been engaged to undertake a study to investigate transport and parking infrastructure.

Health and social impact assessment

RMCG Consulting is conducting a study to understand how the project may impact housing affordability, amenity, employment opportunities and health.

Land surveying

LandAir is surveying the Old Warburton area to ensure the proposed trails are on public land.

Consultation analysis

We’ve engaged Altometer to analyse the feedback from community consultation and prepare a report outlining the key themes.

Master plan review

Internationally recognised as one of the leading companies in trail design and construction, World Trail has been engaged to review the draft master plan.

This review will incorporate the outcomes of the current studies and responses to community consultation themes. World Trail’s input will help shape the master plan to ensure the design leads best practice.

Thanks for your interest in the project! We’ll have more updates for you soon.