Council Secures Government Funding for Yarra Valley Trail

We’re thrilled to announce that Yarra Ranges Council has successfully secured $4.9M in Australian Government funding for the next stage of the Yarra Valley Trail!

In a significant milestone, the Priority Community Infrastructure Program signed a funding agreement in mid-February, allocating $4.9 million to Stage 2A. This crucial investment will connect Yarra Glen to Tarrawarra, weaving through the historic railway reserve.

Sophie Todorov, Yarra Ranges Mayor, emphasized the project’s importance in developing a comprehensive trail network across the Yarra Valley. Once completed, the Yarra Valley Trail will offer an incredible journey from Lilydale to Yarra Glen, Healesville, Upper Yarra, and even connecting to the Warburton Trail!

This initiative aligns with our commitment to integrated tourism. A dedicated trail node at Yarra Glen Railway Station will further enhance the connectivity along the trail, linking Yering to Yarra Glen.

Moreover, this project complements the volunteer efforts of the Yarra Valley Railway in restoring heritage rail services between Healesville and Yarra Glen. It’s a testament to community spirit, passion, and volunteerism.

As we look ahead, the Yarra Valley Trail will not only connect regions but also become a hub for economic growth and job creation. Forecasts for Stage 2A indicate opportunities for $3.4M in regional income, 15 new jobs, and a remarkable 43% increase in trail use. This will contribute tens of millions to the local economy and generate over 60 jobs in the coming decade.

We express our gratitude to the Australian Government, sporting clubs, community organizations, and industry bodies for their unwavering support. Let’s pedal towards a brighter, more connected future!