An example image of a sealed pump track

Coldstream Station Pump Track

Yarra Ranges Council has received State and Federal funding to transform the large (2.7ha) former Coldstream Railway Station site from an unused open space into a key community asset. The project aims to provide a range of new facilities for the Coldstream and Yarra Ranges community and to enhance the attraction and visitor experience of those using the Yarra Valley Trail.

This new community space will be a space for new riding/scooting/skating experiences, gathering with friends and family, and enjoying the fresh air and open space.

The main focus of this activation is the Pump Track – a circuit of rollers, banked turns and features designed to be ridden by “pumping” to generate momentum instead of pedalling. Pump tracks can be ridden using a bike, scooter, skateboard and even wheelchairs.

A child's concept drawing of a pump track

Get involved

If you’re excited about this project, there’s a few different ways you can get involved!

We’re calling all bike enthusiasts, local bike trail/track & jump users, skateboard & scooter riders and anyone who has an interest in this project to help design a track that meets your needs. Get creative, work with us, share your ideas and experience, lets design this together.

You can also take a short online survey to tell us what you think about the proposal.

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