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Northern Loop trail options

We’re contacting landowners close to the proposed Yarra Valley Trail (Northern Loop) to provide opportunity for feedback on possible trail routes. A map is included showing both options and alignment details.

Both trail options have different environmental, social and economic benefits and impacts.

OPTION ONE: Melbourne Water pipe track route

Option One features a 2km trail connecting the existing Steels Creek Trail to Gulf Road via the Melbourne Water pipe track. The new trail would require an upgrade to the existing maintenance track, a new bridge crossing over Steels Creek, fencing, farm security measures, furniture and signage.

Option One offers views across the valley from a range of vantage points and an additional 2km of offroad trail access. A recent Arborist Report and Flora & Fauna Assessment indicate limited impacts on vegetation.

There are biosecurity concerns from an adjoining vineyard and potential risk to trail users from farm operations. Extensive fencing will be required along the trail boundary and farm crossings need to be finalised. Privacy issues from adjoining properties have been highlighted to Council.

Option One is fully funded through the existing State Government grant.

OPTION TWO: Steels Creek Trail and Gulf Road route

Option Two offers a 2.9km trail requiring an upgrade to a 1.1km section of the existing Steels Creek Trail and a new 1.8km trail along Gulf Road. The entire Option Two route is located on Council managed road reserves.

Steels Creek Trail upgrade works would involve trail widening, re-grading, several driveway crossings, retaining walls and drainage works. The existing Steels Creek Trail between the pipe track and Gulf Road adjoins high quality bushland with hilltop views across the valley. In parts, this trail is steeper and
narrower (to 2m wide) to avoid native vegetation removal.

The new trail section on Gulf Road will require reconstruction of road drainage, road crossings and a new footbridge over Steels Creek. A new trail along 900 metre long middle section of Gulf Road will require a path to be constructed adjacent to property fence lines, with drainage works to move the table drain closer to the road edge and increasing the steepness of the road shoulder.

There are no known biosecurity or farm operations implications, with limited fencing required.

The estimated cost of works for Option Two is higher than Option One. Further funding would be required for this option to proceed.

Share your feedback!

We’re keen to hear your feedback on these trail options! You can have your say through a number of ways. These include:

  • Attend a drop-in session with Cr McAllister and Council officers at Yarra Glen Memorial Hall, 45 Bell Street, on Saturday 29 October 2022 at 2pm.
  • Phone us on 1300 368 333 with questions or to give feedback; or
  • Write to us via email p.goodison@yarraranges.vic.gov.au