Landscape view of Station Street path

Station Street Shared-Use Path update

The new Station Street shared-use path connects Yarra Valley Trail to the Coldstream township. The path addressed numerous concerns from the local community and Yarra Valley Trail users about the dangers of walking and cycling along Station Street.

Stage 1 has recently been completed and included the delivery of: the 650m long, 2.5m wide, concrete shared-use path; associated drainage; retaining wall; farm fencing; signage; and asphalting works.

Stage 2 will involve constructing a footbridge over East Lilydale Creek and a connection to the proposed traffic lights on Maroondah Highway. The path is located partially on the Station Street verge and partially on the adjacent Yarra Valley Water property; this partnership has enabled further separation from the
road and driveway traffic along Station Street, ensuring a safer shared-use path for the community.

The project was funded from the Federal Government’s Local Roads and Community Infrastructure (LRCI) Program ($244,616). Yarra Ranges Council was able to design and deliver the project with the assistance of a temporary Landscape Architect employed through the State Government’s ‘Working for Victoria’ program. The tender for the path construction was won by a local civil contractor.

station street sign for further works