Four mountain bikers talking happily mid ride at Silvan surrounded by green ferns and grass

Focus groups for Warburton Mountain Biking Project

We want to make sure that the branding for the Warburton Mountain Biking Project is delivered in line with the communities’ vision for the project.

Are you interested in having your say on the branding of this project? Focus groups are open to both bikers and non-bikers alike, all you need is a strong knowledge of Warburton itself!

Discussions in the focus group will help to clarify the brand attributes of Warburton and surrounding communities, along with the brand attributes of the future Warburton Mountain Bike Project. Discussions will be used as a base for the brand strategy currently being developed for the project.

The focus groups will be held on Wednesday November 13 at 9am-11am in a venue within Warburton.

Please note, numbers are limited so applications to be involved in the focus group are being sought. Apply to join a focus group now!